Thursday, 20 December 2012

Goldee memories

Tales from the Duffer

These are stories written by Duffy Chaster and they are presented as he wrote them. No editing has been applied. Enjoy!


I jumped up this morning, I new that I'd slept late
the clock thats hanging in the front room was clearly stricken eight.

The coffie wa a boiling and the poage pipen hot,
I sets it on the table mat cause I easts if from the pot.

I leaned back and looked out at the day, I thought I heared a scratchen sound
and then it went away.

But again I heard that scrathen sound, this time I'll take a look.

For in he came, just full of life, and thru back his head in vain,
He told me he had'nt ate for quite awhile, when he jumped off that train.

I said did you just come to visit, or did you plan to stay awhile,
He sat up on his honches and gave mto me that smile.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mayan predict the end of MLM

Hey there readers!

Can you believe it the end of the world is only days away and you have already bought a tons of Christmas gifts. Worst yet, all those wonderful things your family and friends have for you and you will never, ever know what they got. Or did you peek?

I was inspired today by a Youtube video that I will link to here for your convenience.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Stop being Ground Down by the Daily Grind!

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Daily Consistent Marketing to Millions!

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People that should not do MLM

The Big Evil gets whacked with a stick.

I have been involved in many different forms of direct sales, where either you just promote a brand to build a team. As I have written in anther post I have my select criteria and method to analysing the products and services that make-up the opportunity, so that I can make an informed decision.

In recent weeks I have begun to see how the effect of CAN SPAM and WoT have influenced long standing organisations like Clickbank and Veretekk to name a couple. I am quite amazed at how these organisation can so quickly respond to the changes in the market place, even when they already have extensive policies in place to protect the shopping public.

The spoilt child cries out

Monday, 26 November 2012

A spiral answers the question of your life ...

How can a Spiral help answer your life?

Looking at a simple black and white spiral we can interpret the colors as black is dark or negative and white is bright of positive. Then with a single spiral we can see which band our attention is drawn to. Knowing this will assist you in centering yourself and changing you outward focus towards the enhancement of being.

 Do you follow the light or dark?

You can confirm this by thinking about any social interaction you encounters in the last few hours. Did your response to those situations reflect as positive or negative tone and was the feeling you came away with one that you liked, enjoyed and are happy about?

By clearing your mind and focusing only on the cool refreshing air coming in and the warm release of breath as you exhale, with the natural pause between directional changes; you will begin to sense and see the spiral turn. As you see this make a note of which way it is turning. Does you band turn from outside toward the center or the center out?
The turn will give you a sense of your current belief as it relates to how you are interacting with the world around you. An inward spiral shows you shrinking and becoming less significant; while the outward indicate expansion. When you put this together with your color band to get the magnitude of your current direction, think again for a moment about events that have happened in your life over the past few hours and think of what indicators where there along the way that you could have given more attention to.

How could the outcomes been more enjoyable for you had you notice these signs? 

Image prodived by Cheetu
Self Hypnosis Blog, Feminization Hypnosis, Resources & Free Hypnosis Downloads

Thursday, 22 November 2012

This may well be the simplest post I will ever make.

Press the Donate button, enter an amount and complete  the transaction.

If your donation is over $20.00 I may even send you an ebook, but that would require you to leave your email in the special instruction.

Monday, 19 November 2012

ClickBank answers Facebook ads et la

What's Our Take 

The answer was sure to come and it has an interesting approach. ClickBank already had a well defined policy to protect customers. The policy outlined how a vendor had to handle returns and there was a mechanism for resolving disputes. ClickBanks has a very details process to register and maintain a good standing, for both the vendors and the affiliates that help market the products.

Basically if a customer did not like a product and during the vendor stated refund period the customer simple completed a return via a link directly to ClickBank. After the vendors published return period the customer had to deal directly with the vendor. A vendor that wants to stay in business is most likely aware of the problem of unhappy customers and probably has a policy to handle that.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

he was a plump little man

Tales from the Duffer 

These are stories written by Duffy Chaster and they are presented as he wrote them. No editing has been applied. Enjoy!

William Gordon

Another  stork, just dropped by  and it dropped  will, well it must have had a big wing span, he was a plump little man, it didn’t take long till he was just  another tag along, Greg could hardly weight, and now there was two boys, and we might get the upper hand, as time went by the plot they planned began  to take shape and soon they would try one from the front one from the back but Karen was much bigger and quicker she lashed out grabbed two heads of hair, banged them together and flung them onto a chair.  It took a few more days.  Trying to figure a new plan of attack, but always leery of her whack.  Finely they gave up and would leave her with her book.  She kept an eye on them as they played, and soon one would want the toy the other hand, and soon a lowed noise would be made.  As the push came to shove the fight was on, and as they chased around and around, Karen grabbed up two or three toys, flipped them under the chesterfield and back to her book, soon they were back and it seemed all fine, then one would say what did you do with my toy, I never even saw it .  Well it’s gone and I bet you had it last, I’ll take yours and off they went again.  And soon two or three more were gone.  And soon they gave up and out the door they were gone.  Will liked to be with gram Clarke; he was always trying to build something, but never had any good tools or materials. But that didn’t matter to will he would pick up something and pack it off.  And about that time Stan would want it, and off he would go looking for it.  Soon Greg would join the search, and it ended up a two hour job took a day.

Friday, 2 November 2012

My Thrift Store Shirt

Tales from the Duffer

These are stories written by Duffy Chaster and they are presented as he wrote them. No editing has been applied. Enjoy

My Thrift Store Shirt

I was sitting down trying to wright, a little story, and get it right.  It started when I was four or five, about 1935.  Dad had that acer up on the hill, with the depression past, our dies were cast, and we had food and game to last.  The old house had a storage caller, and we always had enough, we gave to those who had it rough and we were very frugal, and so we bought in hundred weight, oats, sugar flour and such.  Dad had built bins in the pantry, for dry stuff, and mom kept the stove in the kitchen on the puff.  And though we had simple taste nothing ever went to waste.  One day while sitting at the table, mother came in with two empty sacks.  They were boiled for a while, and then across her face came that familiar smile.  How would you like a pair of shorts and a brand new shirt?  I was the only one at home, all the rest were in school, and I would be the humble fool.


Tales from the Duffer 

These are stories written by Duffy Chaster and they are presented as he wrote them. No editing has been applied. Enjoy!


Sept 11, 2012 our wedding, it just seems like yesterday, in god’s house, we did stray.
And we exchanged our vows, with little jesters, and short bows.
I lift the veil from your face, and sealed the deal, with a kiss and a warm embrace.
So now we start a brand new life, because now we leave as man and wife.
We rush out thru a noisy crowed, our parents standing very proud.
As I look into fathers eyes, and he looks back at me, he reaches in his pocket and hands to me his keys.

Heal your body as you sleep

Do you meditate?

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Every night you go to sleep you engage in the most natural form of meditation your body can experience, says Qigong master and healer Chunyi Lin, creator of Spring Forest Qigong.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine says too much yang energy or too much yin energy can cause blockages in the body's energy channels and lead to health problems.
"But 'Qi sleeping' helps to balance your energy. During sleep, the energies of the heart, mind, body, and spirit unite," Chunyi says. "It's so wonderful because you are practicing Qigong while you sleep!"
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You were born a healer

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Learn to use your mind to take away stress, pain, and sickness

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New online game Star Wars: the old Republic

SWtor enable you lightsaber!

I was looking around today for a new product to promote and I found this game guide site.

 At first I figure that ClickBank needed to conduct a fall clean-up and passed right by it, but as it would happen I ended up looking at it again. Now I was never a big fan of Star Wars games but this caught my attention. Maybe cause I do not play Diablo or Evony any more my game juices where acting up.

I really think this game would appeal to World Of Warcraft players and it seems to have that kind of look and feel. Since these guys are offering to show you how to go from a nub vet with their guide, here is how they put it:

Star Wars: the Old Republic can be a VERY time consuming game and it can be next to impossible
to keep up with the extreme players without 
putting in 50 or more hours a week.

Before you get discouraged by this fact and give up on ever having a character like the extreme
players we want to tell you something....
we have made this guide so you can have a life
and still compete with all those players that spend 50 hours a week playing! 

Well it really seems like an action packed game and should you be interested a guide is probably the best place to start if you do not have allot of history with Star Wars themed games.

May the force be with you.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

MLM team building

I have a spot for you ...

All my life I have been on a team of one sort or another. For sports, work and even socially. I think I like being on teams and that tells you something about me. I get along with others, I can play nice, I know how to share and I like building things. I can also see the big picture and how to approach things in a way to reach the desired result.

From my earlier blog post About MLM or HowTo MLM, on August 27th 2012, I laid out five things I look for in an opportunity and they are:

  1. List all the products and services you already have.
  2. Rank the list on a scale of 1 through 5 with one being cannot live without.
  3. Review your list to see what products are of similar type and can be provided by one reselling services company.
  4. Look for MLM, Network marketing companies or direct selling opportunities that carry your product(s).
  5. Review the business structure to see if their value proposition is acceptable to you. I look for no inventory requirements, no re-qualifying cycle, little or no sign-up cost, no sales quota.
Step one is an inventory of then things you already own or subscribe to and focus on your personal and home life for now. Examples that many of us share are cars, which need gas, insurance, maintenance etc... Insurances are also for life, home and furnishings. Entertainment at home is TV services from Satellite or cable  or internet, internet, telephone, home security, utilities like gas, electric and others. What other subscriptions do you have for magazines, cell phones, speciality food products. I think you get the idea, so take a few minutes to make your list.

Step two we organize our list putting at the top the things we use and enjoy the most, all the way down to the things we seldom use and could even consider dropping; this provide us mental leverage to find money to make changing our life choices so we can permit ourselves to take on a new activity like MLM. I heard that collective sigh, Ahhh!

A problem people commonly cite as being a barrier to committing to MLM is lack of money, followed by not enough time; and by completing the inventory and ranking you are creating for your mind a path forward. This is also way many people do an annual spring clean around there house and some choose the fall; it let you release things you have lost the desire to have and free you to replace it with something new.

Picture this scenario; it is your birthday and you know that your family and friends have something special for you. You can tell be all the buzz that suddenly ends are you approach them. You have waited ever so patiently and not it is time to open the gift. The excitement goes flying out the windows if the special something is nothing you want, right?

 Of course it is, and that is why it is critical you select the right team and products to enjoy an MLM experience. You can you do step three and you should be looking to group these list items so that the MLM you ultimately select has as many of them as possible. You can do step four now.

Hey, wait a minute there is only one more step left. How did we get here so quickly?
The answer is that the process did not need to be difficult or long. We are working with things we already know and it is more a process to ferreting out things that cannot be grouped together into an income stream. Do you think that is why someone you know, have heard about has made a fortune and that you have not?

Hmm ...

Well that is it and it is now your turn to become a successful Multi-Level Marketeer, and may happiness and fortune forever smile upon you! Go out MLM team building.

Please take a moment after you have read this and worked through these ideas to leave a comment; as I and others visiting this blog would surely be interested in your thoughts. I am also open to those wanting my assistance to work through this and should your list match mine, I will offer you an invitation.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Facebook Ads don't like ClickBank

One or more of the ads you set up do not meet our guidelines and has been disapproved.

 Have you heard of affiliate marketing, I am sure you have seen it even if you did not know it. Multi-level marketing is part of online marketing and since your reading this online I know you have seen ads. Many of them are the delivery vehicle of MLM.

 Vendors, people, companies and organizations that have a need to distribute products and services are turning to advertising on the internet more and more. Here they find many places to reach out for customers and for people, like me, that want to earn a living helping then hawk their wares.

 I remember when Facebook first launched their Facebook ads service a few years back. Then I was busy with my day job and being curious gave Facebook ads a look. I remember how strange I found the process to create an ad that would pass their policy and it seemed that to do that one had to enter into an email dialogue with an agent to get your ad approved. Well the whole process seemed over baring to me and quickly I lost interest.

Friday, 28 September 2012

The greatest dad who ever lived!

What a powerful statement this is. I am sure that you to could name someone that you think is the greatest man but you may be incorrect.

Let me tell you about my dad. He was the greatest man that ever lived.

I know this now and it is an absolute truth that cannot be disputed by anyone currently living, previously alive or yet to live. This is something that you too will confirm by the time you read this blog and you to will only be capable of understanding it once you father leaves this world; and not a second earlier though some may be close to understanding it.

You see there is a magic moment that happens once you realize that your pappy has passed into the next existence and it is at this moment in time you truly know that you have a purpose and only you can fulfill it. It is the lessons your dada has been bringing to you since he provided the seed that fertilized the egg in your mother’s womb and there does not seem to be any way for you to know or learn this until he leaves this world.

It does not matter if your father left you at birth or any time thereafter; what matters is that in his presents or absences you have been on a life’s mission to discover his teachings great and small; putting them into meaning that only you will know how to use. It is in this discovery of joy that you fine the ability to transcend time and extend indulgence to bring that self-discovery into focus that all who come into contact with you can also learn from.

This however is only part of your story. I am sure by now you have realized that you mother has also played an equal role. You have to reach life’s plateau by yourself by bringing together the lesson of your parents and writing the thesis that will be known as your life story.

Now that you have reached the end, I know that you understand why I am saying that my father is the greatest man that ever lived; it is because I am writing this from the perspective of you the reader. It is my dad, it is your pappy, it is half of our birth.

In memory forever, thank you dad!


Things we miss travelling.

A vacation is one thing but when you are gone for an extended period of time you feel it more. The pain of knowing that tonight your favourite program is on television. Oh sure you have it recorded and you can watch it when you get home, but what about all those bloggers and FB friends out there. You know they are waiting to spill the story, well made just share who did what and OMG!!!

Well what if you off to Europe for a new job and get there only to discover NETFLIX et la is not available at all because your out of you region. DOH! Can you believe that could happen. Really?

I just love technology. First regular TV and then cable and satellite; and now Internet TV. BUT WHAT GOOD IS IT IF YOU CAN NOT WATCH IT WHEN AND WHERE YOU ARE.

I am so glad you think that way too. I found the answer for us, and it is BRILLIANT!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Just in Apple iPhone threat ...

 In an email I received there was this link "Apple's Worst Nightmare Comes From an Unlikely Source "
and I just simply had to read it after all I had just written about RIM.

 After you read this article I would be interested in see if you catch the same major point as I did and as this writing none of the commenter there seem too. Like so many other articles on technology items that response is so often form the vendor patriots or opposition, gleefully waving their banners in support of their side of the  cause. I believe they are missing the issue all together.

This line in the article approaches what I see an the underlying message and not just for Apple:

"While Apple could easily add Meizu to its list of patent infringement cases here in America, the company may not be able to do the same in China."

The problem with outsourcing is in the LAWS that govern the manufacturing process. I have been reading about the knock-off problems for years and anyone that I have spoken to that has visited the countries that are leaders in manufacturing of consumer good have all told tells of street vendors selling what looks like at best factory seconds.

I wonder if companies like Apple in this case will do a cost benefit analysis on setting up manufacturing at home. After all there is a very available labors force  and I believe that Detroit and Cleveland have cheap land and workers available.
60 minutes reports 

There goes the neighborhood

Thursday, 6 September 2012

What if Blackberry did ...

I read an article this summer that talked about the Blackberry problems to market the playbook and smart phones against Apple specifically; but that they where loosing all around to include Android. As a BB user myself I just accepted this as more iHype from techno junkies looking to get their 15 minutes and let it go. Or so I that I had let it go.

After the dog had woken me up last night and having attended to his needs I attempted to go back to sleep.


Monday, 27 August 2012

About MLM or HowTo MLM

MLM is the route of all evil!
MLM does not work.MLM is a scam.

MLM, direct sales, word of mouth, network marketing share many similarities, but I will focus on MLM which is the acronym for Multi-Level Marketing. Search google for "What is MLM" and got About 53,900,000 results (0.55 seconds), bing 40,900,000 results and yahoo more than 10 pages returned, yahoo does not give a count, weird to be different. With all these results out there why would I still find the need to add another?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

  Computers are prone to problems and the concept of using them
in business has grown from a direction that does not support 
their implementation and use. To effectively refer to the 
underlying hardware one needs to understand that these physical 
devices, like our human bodies, can break down over time and use. 
Even a device sitting on a shelf, with or without power; is 
wearing out. The awareness of hardware life cycle is commonly 
known by IT professional and other business leaders; however 
being an expensed based ledger item it is all too often pushed 
off as a necessary evil to be dealt with at some later time.

  The next level up from hardware is the operation systems and it
is generally accepted software and it's known that regular 
updating is required; history has also cast a shadow upon this 
task though not as large and the hardware life cycle shadow, 
giving way to many, from executive on down, the desire to push 
off the inevitable updates to the last possible dates, despite 
most vendors endorsements to apply them once released. This 
paradox leads to much contention and drives the wedge deep into 
the crack that is the divider for opposing camps of computers use 
in business.

WebSite X5 Evolution 8 banner  
At the top level, the application layer, the business drivers,
come like fireworks in the night sky. The sources and desire to 
implement and use application does not come from a single common 
direction and all too often it is sponsored by personal motives 
that cannot track back to a solid  business value or to one that 
is severely limited to a special purpose without any 
consideration to the bigger companies bigger picture. 

  The process of selecting hardware and software could benefit an
organization if the pieces where looked at more like those in a 
jig saw box. As the company formulates its vision, allow this to 
be the picture on the box cover to build your infrastructure from.