Friday, 7 September 2012

Just in Apple iPhone threat ...

 In an email I received there was this link "Apple's Worst Nightmare Comes From an Unlikely Source "
and I just simply had to read it after all I had just written about RIM.

 After you read this article I would be interested in see if you catch the same major point as I did and as this writing none of the commenter there seem too. Like so many other articles on technology items that response is so often form the vendor patriots or opposition, gleefully waving their banners in support of their side of the  cause. I believe they are missing the issue all together.

This line in the article approaches what I see an the underlying message and not just for Apple:

"While Apple could easily add Meizu to its list of patent infringement cases here in America, the company may not be able to do the same in China."

The problem with outsourcing is in the LAWS that govern the manufacturing process. I have been reading about the knock-off problems for years and anyone that I have spoken to that has visited the countries that are leaders in manufacturing of consumer good have all told tells of street vendors selling what looks like at best factory seconds.

I wonder if companies like Apple in this case will do a cost benefit analysis on setting up manufacturing at home. After all there is a very available labors force  and I believe that Detroit and Cleveland have cheap land and workers available.
60 minutes reports 

There goes the neighborhood

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