Friday, 28 September 2012

The greatest dad who ever lived!

What a powerful statement this is. I am sure that you to could name someone that you think is the greatest man but you may be incorrect.

Let me tell you about my dad. He was the greatest man that ever lived.

I know this now and it is an absolute truth that cannot be disputed by anyone currently living, previously alive or yet to live. This is something that you too will confirm by the time you read this blog and you to will only be capable of understanding it once you father leaves this world; and not a second earlier though some may be close to understanding it.

You see there is a magic moment that happens once you realize that your pappy has passed into the next existence and it is at this moment in time you truly know that you have a purpose and only you can fulfill it. It is the lessons your dada has been bringing to you since he provided the seed that fertilized the egg in your mother’s womb and there does not seem to be any way for you to know or learn this until he leaves this world.

It does not matter if your father left you at birth or any time thereafter; what matters is that in his presents or absences you have been on a life’s mission to discover his teachings great and small; putting them into meaning that only you will know how to use. It is in this discovery of joy that you fine the ability to transcend time and extend indulgence to bring that self-discovery into focus that all who come into contact with you can also learn from.

This however is only part of your story. I am sure by now you have realized that you mother has also played an equal role. You have to reach life’s plateau by yourself by bringing together the lesson of your parents and writing the thesis that will be known as your life story.

Now that you have reached the end, I know that you understand why I am saying that my father is the greatest man that ever lived; it is because I am writing this from the perspective of you the reader. It is my dad, it is your pappy, it is half of our birth.

In memory forever, thank you dad!


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