Friday, 28 September 2012

Things we miss travelling.

A vacation is one thing but when you are gone for an extended period of time you feel it more. The pain of knowing that tonight your favourite program is on television. Oh sure you have it recorded and you can watch it when you get home, but what about all those bloggers and FB friends out there. You know they are waiting to spill the story, well made just share who did what and OMG!!!

Well what if you off to Europe for a new job and get there only to discover NETFLIX et la is not available at all because your out of you region. DOH! Can you believe that could happen. Really?

I just love technology. First regular TV and then cable and satellite; and now Internet TV. BUT WHAT GOOD IS IT IF YOU CAN NOT WATCH IT WHEN AND WHERE YOU ARE.

I am so glad you think that way too. I found the answer for us, and it is BRILLIANT!

UnoDNS from
This marvellous piece of software is simply to setup and allows you to catch your favourite show wherever you are. For example in Paris France in your apartment on your Macbook. Well it works with Windows and Linux too, but I will write about the platforms separately. It also works with game boxes like Wii and PS3; and BluRay players. I look forward to testing all of these, though I will need to get a PS3, and write about my experiences.


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