Thursday, 6 September 2012

What if Blackberry did ...

I read an article this summer that talked about the Blackberry problems to market the playbook and smart phones against Apple specifically; but that they where loosing all around to include Android. As a BB user myself I just accepted this as more iHype from techno junkies looking to get their 15 minutes and let it go. Or so I that I had let it go.

After the dog had woken me up last night and having attended to his needs I attempted to go back to sleep.


BlackBerry 10 App Developers Could Receive Guaranteed $10,000

Not so fast there little buddy. What if Blackberry took an apple off the tree and rolled out a school program in which all those stuck in inventory items that will cost RIM about $360-million after-tax and gave them to teachers and students in lower economic areas. Teachers and student could then communicate with their new  smart devices on lesson topics and homework would always in a known location.

Wait a minute, where would this benefit BB. The BBM services is included so no new income there, not sure that this may overload their current network capabilities, so maybe they would have to also provide a managed server BES appliance in the package. Aside from all the great PR and potential tax credits for shifting these resources in so charity ledger the result does not seem to add revenues to BB.

I see this as necessitating of an affordable wireless plan like the emergency use type available now, say a $5 or $10 per month with some limit of calling minutes. The important thing is to get the devices into the hand of the future subscribers and make them feel more like they are in the game. It was the children of the C level managers that brought the desire to have the cool iPhones not the technology. Most of what is offered on BB is what businesses need to carry out normal business communications. Yes, the tablets are an evolutionary growth direction and being able to pair that with your handheld smart phone is going to be highly useful to a smaller proportion of the company, but why not take advantage of mass production and economies of scale and put all the bells 'n whistles in the devices. I like technology, do you; so what if we do not use everything it is nice to know we could.

BlackBerry School: Enable Predictive Text On OS 5.0





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