Tuesday, 16 October 2012

MLM team building

I have a spot for you ...

All my life I have been on a team of one sort or another. For sports, work and even socially. I think I like being on teams and that tells you something about me. I get along with others, I can play nice, I know how to share and I like building things. I can also see the big picture and how to approach things in a way to reach the desired result.

From my earlier blog post About MLM or HowTo MLM, on August 27th 2012, I laid out five things I look for in an opportunity and they are:

  1. List all the products and services you already have.
  2. Rank the list on a scale of 1 through 5 with one being cannot live without.
  3. Review your list to see what products are of similar type and can be provided by one reselling services company.
  4. Look for MLM, Network marketing companies or direct selling opportunities that carry your product(s).
  5. Review the business structure to see if their value proposition is acceptable to you. I look for no inventory requirements, no re-qualifying cycle, little or no sign-up cost, no sales quota.
Step one is an inventory of then things you already own or subscribe to and focus on your personal and home life for now. Examples that many of us share are cars, which need gas, insurance, maintenance etc... Insurances are also for life, home and furnishings. Entertainment at home is TV services from Satellite or cable  or internet, internet, telephone, home security, utilities like gas, electric and others. What other subscriptions do you have for magazines, cell phones, speciality food products. I think you get the idea, so take a few minutes to make your list.

Step two we organize our list putting at the top the things we use and enjoy the most, all the way down to the things we seldom use and could even consider dropping; this provide us mental leverage to find money to make changing our life choices so we can permit ourselves to take on a new activity like MLM. I heard that collective sigh, Ahhh!

A problem people commonly cite as being a barrier to committing to MLM is lack of money, followed by not enough time; and by completing the inventory and ranking you are creating for your mind a path forward. This is also way many people do an annual spring clean around there house and some choose the fall; it let you release things you have lost the desire to have and free you to replace it with something new.

Picture this scenario; it is your birthday and you know that your family and friends have something special for you. You can tell be all the buzz that suddenly ends are you approach them. You have waited ever so patiently and not it is time to open the gift. The excitement goes flying out the windows if the special something is nothing you want, right?

 Of course it is, and that is why it is critical you select the right team and products to enjoy an MLM experience. You can you do step three and you should be looking to group these list items so that the MLM you ultimately select has as many of them as possible. You can do step four now.

Hey, wait a minute there is only one more step left. How did we get here so quickly?
The answer is that the process did not need to be difficult or long. We are working with things we already know and it is more a process to ferreting out things that cannot be grouped together into an income stream. Do you think that is why someone you know, have heard about has made a fortune and that you have not?

Hmm ...

Well that is it and it is now your turn to become a successful Multi-Level Marketeer, and may happiness and fortune forever smile upon you! Go out MLM team building.

Please take a moment after you have read this and worked through these ideas to leave a comment; as I and others visiting this blog would surely be interested in your thoughts. I am also open to those wanting my assistance to work through this and should your list match mine, I will offer you an invitation.


  1. hi, love your post. I'd like to share. Many people say, MLM is scam. But it's not a confidence scam. Scams aren't also approved by government. Get your facts straight and your eyes open. (I take it you tried and failed after a couple of months of half-assed work?). Best luck, @Rimi from Turn Pennies into Gold with the penny matrix

  2. Ha, ha; well I am sure some will say the governments are scams. "Getting the facts" and having open eyes are good things, though this can be tough to do for new people to MLM. After many years and several products/companies I know it takes more than pennies.

  3. These tips are just the tip of the iceberg for running your network marketing business. Use the people around you to develop more ideas that you can incorporate.