Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New online game Star Wars: the old Republic

SWtor enable you lightsaber!

I was looking around today for a new product to promote and I found this game guide site.

 At first I figure that ClickBank needed to conduct a fall clean-up and passed right by it, but as it would happen I ended up looking at it again. Now I was never a big fan of Star Wars games but this caught my attention. Maybe cause I do not play Diablo or Evony any more my game juices where acting up.

I really think this game would appeal to World Of Warcraft players and it seems to have that kind of look and feel. Since these guys are offering to show you how to go from a nub vet with their guide, here is how they put it:

Star Wars: the Old Republic can be a VERY time consuming game and it can be next to impossible
to keep up with the extreme players without 
putting in 50 or more hours a week.

Before you get discouraged by this fact and give up on ever having a character like the extreme
players we want to tell you something....
we have made this guide so you can have a life
and still compete with all those players that spend 50 hours a week playing! 

Well it really seems like an action packed game and should you be interested a guide is probably the best place to start if you do not have allot of history with Star Wars themed games.

May the force be with you.


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