Monday, 26 November 2012

A spiral answers the question of your life ...

How can a Spiral help answer your life?

Looking at a simple black and white spiral we can interpret the colors as black is dark or negative and white is bright of positive. Then with a single spiral we can see which band our attention is drawn to. Knowing this will assist you in centering yourself and changing you outward focus towards the enhancement of being.

 Do you follow the light or dark?

You can confirm this by thinking about any social interaction you encounters in the last few hours. Did your response to those situations reflect as positive or negative tone and was the feeling you came away with one that you liked, enjoyed and are happy about?

By clearing your mind and focusing only on the cool refreshing air coming in and the warm release of breath as you exhale, with the natural pause between directional changes; you will begin to sense and see the spiral turn. As you see this make a note of which way it is turning. Does you band turn from outside toward the center or the center out?
The turn will give you a sense of your current belief as it relates to how you are interacting with the world around you. An inward spiral shows you shrinking and becoming less significant; while the outward indicate expansion. When you put this together with your color band to get the magnitude of your current direction, think again for a moment about events that have happened in your life over the past few hours and think of what indicators where there along the way that you could have given more attention to.

How could the outcomes been more enjoyable for you had you notice these signs? 

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