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ClickBank answers Facebook ads et la

What's Our Take 

The answer was sure to come and it has an interesting approach. ClickBank already had a well defined policy to protect customers. The policy outlined how a vendor had to handle returns and there was a mechanism for resolving disputes. ClickBanks has a very details process to register and maintain a good standing, for both the vendors and the affiliates that help market the products.

Basically if a customer did not like a product and during the vendor stated refund period the customer simple completed a return via a link directly to ClickBank. After the vendors published return period the customer had to deal directly with the vendor. A vendor that wants to stay in business is most likely aware of the problem of unhappy customers and probably has a policy to handle that.
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Should that fail the customer always had the right to let ClickBank know of the problem an at the least lodge a complaint against the vendor. There was some method in place to manage all of this.

With the current trend of companies like Facebook ads and Google Adwords trending toward streamlining their ad management departments, I can only imagine how many ads per day they receive requesting access to the client bases. These ad agencies adoption of  "The Web of  Trust", a movement that is gaining notoriety, they one that does not yet self police it's published policies and guidelines. Has in my opinion caused more harm than good at this time. See my blog Facebook ads don't like ClickBank.

The solutions that ClickBank has introducted is outlined here for you.

Risk Management Tier (Preview)

As part of ClickBank's ongoing commitment to offer quality products and enhance customer satisfaction, ClickBank is implementing new color-coded risk management tiers as well as new star-based marketplace ratings on January 2, 2013. Fees, penalties, and account termination rules will also be part of these updates.
ClickBank has developed sophisticated algorithms to accurately predict expected refund and chargeback rates for individual accounts and measure forward-looking account risk. This allows ClickBank to take proactive steps to protect our customers and alert vendors and affiliates to the health of their accounts so they can take steps to lower their risk.

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 The path of least resistance. Let's take a look at chapter 8 The law of non-resistance in Working With the Law written by Raymond Holliwell. Holliwell writes "Resistance as a means of securing peace and harmony is a mistaken and misleading idea."

Why would it be mistaken and misleading to rewrite the ClickBank policy to address the ad agencies adoption of Wot or some other third party product?

In this case the introduction of a service like WoT that is not adhering to their own policy should get them by their own rating practises a RED CIRCLE, noting unsafe or untrustworthy. Would you allow your staff to make judgement and base their decision on bad information?

The fact that these ad agencies are probably overwhelmed with placements request and relying of automated word matching practices, they probably felt this a more cost effective answer than hiring and training more people. After all if the ad placement mentions a listed word then the product is probably bad; why else would they use the work. As far as i know there is no publish list of words available but from experience I know having trick, cheat, alcohol or drugs will get disapproved; even if the phrase was "The second thing you need to know about Wealthy Hutts guide is that we do not use any cheat
tricks or dirty methods that will get you banned!
", or "alcohol make you body acidic". Go figure.

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