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he was a plump little man

Tales from the Duffer 

These are stories written by Duffy Chaster and they are presented as he wrote them. No editing has been applied. Enjoy!

William Gordon

Another  stork, just dropped by  and it dropped  will, well it must have had a big wing span, he was a plump little man, it didn’t take long till he was just  another tag along, Greg could hardly weight, and now there was two boys, and we might get the upper hand, as time went by the plot they planned began  to take shape and soon they would try one from the front one from the back but Karen was much bigger and quicker she lashed out grabbed two heads of hair, banged them together and flung them onto a chair.  It took a few more days.  Trying to figure a new plan of attack, but always leery of her whack.  Finely they gave up and would leave her with her book.  She kept an eye on them as they played, and soon one would want the toy the other hand, and soon a lowed noise would be made.  As the push came to shove the fight was on, and as they chased around and around, Karen grabbed up two or three toys, flipped them under the chesterfield and back to her book, soon they were back and it seemed all fine, then one would say what did you do with my toy, I never even saw it .  Well it’s gone and I bet you had it last, I’ll take yours and off they went again.  And soon two or three more were gone.  And soon they gave up and out the door they were gone.  Will liked to be with gram Clarke; he was always trying to build something, but never had any good tools or materials. But that didn’t matter to will he would pick up something and pack it off.  And about that time Stan would want it, and off he would go looking for it.  Soon Greg would join the search, and it ended up a two hour job took a day.
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Soon it was time for them to be off to school, and they liked it, there was always something new to experiment with. And always other kids to play with. I think they enjoyed there school, and it went along very well .and it wasn’t long before sports was in there eye and there was nothing they wouldn’t try, and soon they were eating it up, of course I was playing soccer, softball and basketball, mom was involved in softball and basketball as well as coaching and umpiring, so how could they get out of it.
 But they still found time to raise a little hell, I remember a time, pat and I were both working, the kids walked to school up hospital hill to Duncan Elementary. Mom was on the till at K&R store when a woman walked in whom she knew very well; guess what I saw on my way to town, your two boys walking up the hill on the white line, from bottom to top. What, mom said; well I’ll look into this. At super time that night, mom said how did school go today boys, oh it was good, I was getting the meal out, and I stopped to listen, did you lose your way, no, well why were you walking the white line. Two faces went white; they looked at each other in total shock.  Mom reached for the wooden spoon, come here boys, did you do that, now they knew if they told a lye the punishment would be worse.  Yes, o.k. hold out your hands and the spoon layed out the punishment. Now off to bed no super for you two tonight.  I think they whispered half the night trying to figure out how she knew. Next morning as they left for school she said you better stay on the side walk from now on.  We are a very well-known family in this town and I have a lot of spies around, no more said.
Soon school was over and it was time to start there new life the outside world was calling.  Karen gone, Greg was working at Colwood golf course, and he loved the work and the outside.  But will was just a little different, he real wanted to go to college, but we couldn’t afford that. He saw that Uncle Gerald had put himself thru and paid his own way by working and saving, but you had to be prepared to get your hands dirty, good high paying jobs were hard to get. Computers were just coming into vogue, and some of those jobs were train on the job.  It took a little longer but you could work your way up the ladder.
A friend of his was working at one of the government offices, and asks what Will was doing.  Well I’m really looking for a job in this new computer field; kind of learn on the job. Hay you might be just what our outfit is looking for.  Call into our office and I will introduce you to our boss. He jumped at this offer, and bingo he was hired, now a whole new world opened up.

I believe that he was trained on the job, and showed much interest, and soon he was heading to the U.S.A. for special courses, and as a result more money came. But as usual these jobs often get saturated with personal, and so he kept his eyes and ears open.  And they have in office transferee’s with different dept. and after a year or so he was now with education, and he was working with his old pal that got him started in the first place.
Razer Tiamat 7.1 And as it happened three or four of them, came up with an idea of putting together a new school program of teaching school thru the computer and TV and they offered it to the Washington state school system.  And off they went to sell it to them.  I think it went over very well and is still in use to this day.  A short time after with his palls and connections, he attended a seminar in Arizona.  A new update program that lent you to all sorts of new fields, on all sorts of computers, quite a brake.  Back to Victoria, and training others on his knowledge.  Then the following year the rumor mill started turning and his company was changing and he didn’t like the smell of it.  So in a few months or so he transferred to the forestry.  And back to Duncan, where two or three outfits had amalgamated.  They took over the domains office, with a head office in Van.  In a year or so, that old rumor was on again, downsizing.  And while he was away on holiday he received his walking papers, and so he is now looking for work, but he has lots of irons in the fire, this is the modern way.  A useless government is the reason, no timber and no new mills, dead in the water.
Wills interest in soccer has never waned, I guess from early success in  coming up thru the youth soccer movement, and realizing what a great team sport this is, and of course being on the first local team to win an island title outside of Victoria.  And he was fortunate enough to have scored both the goals in a two nothing win over Victoria.  It was a great day for our team, a great day for our city, and a great day for Willie.

He wanted to give back to this sport, and so he volunteered to coach in the C.V.J.S.A. the only team that was open was a girls team, one that had been struggling for the past two years to get a coach and players, and it just so happened that his daughter Ashleigh was on the team, and in two years they became very competitive, and finished very high in there league.  But the numbers game caught up with them, kids in these sports find other interests, (boys, other sports and school)

BullGuard Internet Security 12, with 5GB backupSo he gave them an option, they had to come up with at least, 11 players to finish out the season, or they would have to fold.  And so fold they did, a sad way to end the season, sad for both the team and the coach.  Will still was very active with the over  forties and over fifties, old timers soccer in a Victoria league, and they are still playing to this day, they even went to play in Costa Rica and who knows where this will end.

The end.


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