Friday, 2 November 2012

My Thrift Store Shirt

Tales from the Duffer

These are stories written by Duffy Chaster and they are presented as he wrote them. No editing has been applied. Enjoy

My Thrift Store Shirt

I was sitting down trying to wright, a little story, and get it right.  It started when I was four or five, about 1935.  Dad had that acer up on the hill, with the depression past, our dies were cast, and we had food and game to last.  The old house had a storage caller, and we always had enough, we gave to those who had it rough and we were very frugal, and so we bought in hundred weight, oats, sugar flour and such.  Dad had built bins in the pantry, for dry stuff, and mom kept the stove in the kitchen on the puff.  And though we had simple taste nothing ever went to waste.  One day while sitting at the table, mother came in with two empty sacks.  They were boiled for a while, and then across her face came that familiar smile.  How would you like a pair of shorts and a brand new shirt?  I was the only one at home, all the rest were in school, and I would be the humble fool.

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She took a bottle of red dye, dumped some in; we will look at it, by and by. Soon it was ready, it was stirred and washed and set to dry.  And then her skill she did imply.  She tucked and pinned and then did cut.  Then she stood me up on the table, she pulled the top over my head, and I don’t remember any flour label, then I stepped into the shorts, two straps on, and it was complete, and I was the best looker on the street. I was so proud of her work I showed it off with one big smirk.

Then she said the other one is on the way, do you want green or blue or even gray.  Oh this must have been my lucky day.  But colour never bothered me as long as it was there for all to see.  And so as life moved right along, there was eight kids that all belong.  And on mater witch one you pick, the old saying, blood was thicker would really stick.
Razer Destructor 2And soon I was married and moved a long, with five kids all of our own and we all worked and played very hard, we wasted very little as life to start with was very hard.  Five kids to house, feed and clothe.  So I looked to save at every chance, my job didn’t require any fancy pants, and so it happened by sheer luck, I saw a man unload his great big truck. It looked like everything from soup to nuts. A brand new store was being opened up, the old goodwill was its name, and used articles were its game.  And prices you could hardly believe, and everything was cut way down, and I was sure I was bound.

I headed for the clothing rack, and before you knew it I had all I could pack, and soon I was trying them all on, shirts a dollar and paints for three.  And everyone looked good to me, I could use them for dress, work or play, and at that price if didn’t want to wash you could throw them away.  Well when I got home for lunch, pat looked thru the whole damn bunch.  Boy she said you have no idea of stile or colour, but yes they are real fine.  The zippers work and the stitching fine.  And when I told her of the price, she had to look more than twice.  Take them down to the laundry, and run them thru.


And what you want is up to you.  Well I couldn’t see anything wrong, and saving money was my theme song.  And then a bell went off in my head, when mom said do you want blue or red.  Funny how clothes  if they are clean and have the feel to me  are no real  big deal, oh yes, now and then I’m a goodwill guy, but now I usually just hurry by , I think if I brought home any more, pat would make me open my own store.

The end.

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