Friday, 2 November 2012


Tales from the Duffer 

These are stories written by Duffy Chaster and they are presented as he wrote them. No editing has been applied. Enjoy!


Sept 11, 2012 our wedding, it just seems like yesterday, in god’s house, we did stray.
And we exchanged our vows, with little jesters, and short bows.
I lift the veil from your face, and sealed the deal, with a kiss and a warm embrace.
So now we start a brand new life, because now we leave as man and wife.
We rush out thru a noisy crowed, our parents standing very proud.
As I look into fathers eyes, and he looks back at me, he reaches in his pocket and hands to me his keys.

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So off we go, and out of sight, and wonder what is of our plight.
And so we drive into the night. It can’t be wrong it must be right.
And then I hear you softly say, where oh where are we going to stay, I say don’t worry we, well find our way.
And soon our trip has been complete; a brand new life lay at our feet. So back to work we must go, to pay the bills that we’ll soon owe. And now are life is back on course, and we have hit the real work force, that steady job and steady pay, will give us time to have some play.
Now it must be time to give something back, life is good and we’ve bought our shack.
Somehow sports, gave us the call into it we did fall, basketball, soccer and softball, we played we coached, and ran it all. And then one night, in the fray, you kind of took my breath away. Oh there is now a baby on the way.
Joy and excitement filled the air now we have something else to share. So family and friends gathered around, to help us keep our feet on the ground.
But now just look what was in store, holey Christ, another four.
But we took every one to heart, a beautiful family we did start.
And soon time went flying by, and soon it was there turn to try, for we could not hold them back, it was now their turn to have a wack.
And soon they had all flown the nest, had we really done our very best. Or did we favour one over the other, whether it is sister or brother.
It’s too bad they had no choice, for babies have a silent voice. We tried to do the best we could, to fill the dream we under stood. And no doubt we made some mistakes as you will find, with the chances you take.
And now, we sit up on our hill, we love them all and always will and our time is slowly slipping away, our bodies weak are hair turned grey.
And so now I lay down my pen, if we had the chance to start again, would it be any different second time around.
Our wedding our life, Mom & Dad.
The end. Mom and dad
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The opening is was probably inserted by the word processing program and not noticed by the Duffer; as on September 11, 2012 he hosted a surprise 58th anniversary party for his wife and about thirty family and friends.

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