Thursday, 20 December 2012

Goldee memories

Tales from the Duffer

These are stories written by Duffy Chaster and they are presented as he wrote them. No editing has been applied. Enjoy!


I jumped up this morning, I new that I'd slept late
the clock thats hanging in the front room was clearly stricken eight.

The coffie wa a boiling and the poage pipen hot,
I sets it on the table mat cause I easts if from the pot.

I leaned back and looked out at the day, I thought I heared a scratchen sound
and then it went away.

But again I heard that scrathen sound, this time I'll take a look.

For in he came, just full of life, and thru back his head in vain,
He told me he had'nt ate for quite awhile, when he jumped off that train.

I said did you just come to visit, or did you plan to stay awhile,
He sat up on his honches and gave mto me that smile.

I said your a pretty little fellow, and I know your really smart,
PC Speed MaximizerAnd I think you know you've clicmed right into my heart.
I'm not sure towhat kind you are, with your white and taunny wool,
You could be Chit-Sue Beaujean cross, to guess would be a fool.

I put my pot down on the floor, he was in it in a flash,
He locked clean like a wash machine, there was nothing left for trash.

He jumped up on my bench and I said you know I could get you more
But he lay his head on my ma lap and did he start to snore.

I guess you havent rested, to much along the way
I'll let you sleep awhile, we'll have lots of time to play

I said you funny little fellow I donT know whats your name,
I'll have to think of something to call you or itll realy be a shame.

That night I lay upon my bed and rattled off some names,
He snuggled up behind me and there he layed his head,

I new right then what I'd call him, it fit in every way, and so I named him FRED.

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This little dogs been with me a while, and we surely are a pair,
He wakes me every morning and breakfast we both share.

We try to walk every day , so neighter will get fat,
He doesnt like the squirler or the neighbors cat.

We spend a lot of time together, and we never have a (quarle) fight
We often argue right out loud, but we both know he is right.

I sure love this little fellow, and I'm sure that he love me,
And I guess we'll be together, till this old world will set us free.

I quit wondering were he came from, and who suffered this great loss,
But I bet that there just like me, and they know who's the boss.

I often wonder what I'd do if he ever left this pad,
I guess I'd thank my luckey stars for the wounders times we had.

Well old Fred youve been my pal, and the compfort by my side,
And if we leave this old Earth, we'll leave it filled with pride.

Razer Blade

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