Thursday, 6 December 2012

People that should not do MLM

The Big Evil gets whacked with a stick.

I have been involved in many different forms of direct sales, where either you just promote a brand to build a team. As I have written in anther post I have my select criteria and method to analysing the products and services that make-up the opportunity, so that I can make an informed decision.

In recent weeks I have begun to see how the effect of CAN SPAM and WoT have influenced long standing organisations like Clickbank and Veretekk to name a couple. I am quite amazed at how these organisation can so quickly respond to the changes in the market place, even when they already have extensive policies in place to protect the shopping public.

The spoilt child cries out

Why is it that companies that take their products and services to customers get tarnished with these negative labels. Sure they may have hired people that where too aggressive and had poor morals, but over time that has always proven to be more of a minority of the group and often they are quickly urged out or simply burn off their market and move on. Bad practises and method cannot be sustained, but the memory lives on.

It lives on in my opinion from the wines and cries of poor me from the people that did not do due diligence and did not apply common sense when approached by these few bad seeds and in stead got caught in the dream of easy riches and if their personal activities where review it would most likely show how they did not follow the real programs offered by the company.


You cannot blame people

Well I think you can and in fact most blame the people that go in to any activity without regard to the framework and acquiring the basic information of how to make it work. Look at anything that you personally have attempted from any area of interest in life. Have you player a sport or been involved in performance arts, learnt a new job or to operation a mechanical device. In any of these experiences what results did you achieve when you did not read the rules or take instructions or follow some other form of guidance?

You see the spoilt child will not do those things and they will bellow-out with continued increases of volume until someone gives them something. When these people get involved in MLM business and do not follow the instructions to succeed, they do not follow the instructions that will help them get satisfaction via a product refund or purchase dispute either. No, their one trick is to cry. Cry, with ever increasing volume until someone else come to their aid and gives them what they want.

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and they will not use the tools properly 

When I looked at this service WoT and began to read the comments that people provided for their rating it was clear to me that many of them had either not read the participation guides as their comments violated the usage policy that they had accepted. Some of the post I read were written  months or more before and yet there they where; this makes me think that these posts are completed unmonitored. This reminded me of what we use to have on the Internet call BBS, bulletin board services. These BBS provide a very similar service back then to allow people to share they thoughts with the world. The RANTS, as it was call, where legendary; but over time that is what most of this became a place where people could spout off any way they felt and there became less value in visiting BBSes.
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what is the solution then

In my experience you must be responsible for the choices you make in life and know that it is an absolute that you will make some bad ones. No big deal; learn what you can from them and more on. I am not in favour of the popularity contests, WoT, Facebook likes Google plus and so many others. Yes it helps with networking to get the message out but really how many of the people you follow on Tweeter do you actually know what the say?

Razer Destructor 2Yeah, it is kind of like your comments on the blogs you read. So many of them are someone looking for a opportunity to rant, a cheezy MLMer typing to promote a product or someone that really has some value to add. The saying what goes around comes around, so for me I only want good to come around my way, so I pledge to only send out good.


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  1. If MLM is a scam as a whole, then the United States would of made it illegal.Back in the 70s they tried that, but then realized that their are more legit MLM's that are not scams. Businesses got started this way like AVON, AMWAY etc. Legit MLM are made up with network marketing businesses. Its 100 Billion Dollar Industry. There also has been a lot of sucessful business people that has done MLM such as Donald Trump. Do your research before joining a company.
    thanks, @Rimi from Turn Pennies into Gold with the penny matrix