Thursday, 23 May 2013

The "Spring Forest Healingfest" begins next Monday, June 10

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We believe you possess the innate ability to help heal your own sickness and disease—and to help heal your loved ones—using nothing more than your own natural energy.

It may sound a bit implausible, but we assure you, it is not.

In fact, almost 250,000 people, just like you, have learned to help heal diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia and diabetes, relieve chronic and acute migraines, ease depression and anxiety, and alleviate allergies.

If you suffer from any pain, disease, fatigue, stress, or the effects of aging, we encourage you to learn more and participate in the Spring Forest Healingfest.

You will have complimentary access to 10 professionally produced audio sessions and two video sessions for six days beginning June 10. What you learn and experience can become an important part of the solution to your complete health and well-being.

Click Here to receive your Free Pass by email. We are pleased to be able to offer this to you for no cost or obligation in cooperation with our friends at Learning Strategies.

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