Thursday, 16 May 2013

Why the "Spring Forest Healingfest" system of self-healing is so powerful

We've recently invited you to get your Free Pass for an online healing event called the Spring Forest Healingfest.

How can we say that the system can help you take away stress, pain, and sickness? It is based on a ancient practice called Qigong, and was created by Qigong master Chunyi Lin.

Qigong works with your body's energy, which is called "Qi" or "chi." As Dr. Richard Gerber puts it, "…by moving Qi through the body, you can heal yourself of many ailments."

Dr. Deepak Chopra said, "Like Yoga, Qigong teaches you to balance energy in your body. Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program that will allow you to incorporate the health benefits of Qigong into your daily life."

Dr. Bill Manahan from the University of Minnesota Medical School said, "I would place Qigong equal in importance to the incredible discoveries in the forties called antibiotics and in the fifties called immunizations."

We encourage you to learn more and participate in the Spring Forest Healingfest. You will have complimentary access to 10 professionally produced audio sessions and two video sessions for six days beginning June 10. Click Here to receive your Free Pass by email. We are pleased to be able to offer this to you for no cost or obligation in cooperation with our friends at Learning Strategies.

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