Monday, 3 June 2013

Loyalty or rewards programs

For years now I have been collecting points on several different programs and occasionally I use the points to buy something. Many years ago a friend of my told me that he buys absolutely everything he can on the visa card to maximise his points. You have to be very aware of your purchase and stay within your mean to pay off the balance in the grace period to maximise this method.
A couple years back I was introduced by a college to an opportunity that changed the way I look at my monthly subscriptions for products and services I was already consuming. What if you could become the sales person that was getting paid the reoccurring commission for the products you where using?

Well the thought of earning a small percentage in this way is like joining a loyalty or rewards program. Like at a membership club that pays an annual reward for your purchases that equals your annual membership fees. Would you upgrade your membership knowing that at the end of the year you spending habits would pay for the next years subscription, of course you would.

Now I can create my very own rewards program with product I use every day for making calls, accessing the Internet and other utility services. All this and you can set it up as a personal business too. Take some time to check out what the values are for running your own home based business, this topic is well documented in the Internet. Then consider what it would cost to setup a business you could operate in over twenty countries, and growing, today.

Oh the joys of deregulation and personal choice!

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