Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Enlightenment: Don't leave your body without it.

Enlightenment Fest
Change your energy, change your world
Discover how every alteration in your thoughts affects your energy. This is not about using your mind to change behaviors. It is much easier. It is about using your mind to influence your energy so the behavior automatically changes. The same holds true for all aspects of your life.
This is part of what you will experience during the upcoming Enlightenment Fest. You can listen to the program free of charge.
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You will learn how the Universe works, how your energy interacts with it, what your energy is doing or not doing right now, and how to change it for the better. You’ll be able to apply this understanding to everything:
Creativity ... finance ... visualization ... relationships ... productivity ... stress management ... parenting ... success … the possibilities are limitless.
During the six days of the Enlightenment Fest your eyes will open in a way you never thought possible, and things within and around you will begin to transform.
* Layer after layer of resistance, frustration, and confusion in your life dissipates.
* Your limitations fall to the wayside along with feelings of unhappiness.
* Whatever is holding you back vanishes.
The same holds true for restricting beliefs about your life. It is all automatic when you are in alignment.
You won't have to buy anything to listen, and there are no strings attached. You get to listen free during the Enlightenment Fest that begins on December 2. You can get your Free Pass here.
And, yes, feel free to pass this email on to anyone you know. It is open to the public, but it is only available for six days in December.
You have greatness and joy within. The Enlightenment Fest will help you release the chains that bind it.
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette
Enlightenment Fest Director
P.S. Hey if you have not attended a Fest from the Leaning Strategies before, I encourage you to try one. They always have TOP TALENT leading their programs.
To your success
your personal affiliate manager
P.S. – I encourage you to explore the Enlightenment Fest. It will help you find contentment in situations you never thought contentment could exist such as when you are stopped in traffic, stymied by difficult people, trapped in meetings, knee deep in your taxes, recovering from illness…
As you listen to the sessions of the Enlightenment Fest, you will shift your experience of life.
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Black Friday Cyber Monday?

Forget Thanks giving as that is only a North American thing!

Well you see that world have become an incredibly small place now that we have high speed travel and Internet. Most of the world shares interest in the same set of products and services that possibly have local variations; but at the base level they do the same thing.

It is fairly simple, since we all share a similar structure also known as anatomy. Then it is only the inner workings that make of different. That is where the BIG PLAYERS of marketing like to create just for you, content that compels you to act. Not talking about going to Hollywood or Bollywood here either. Get out you to use you payment method to acquire that all important NEW thing-i-ma-jig everyone on Facebook, Google+, Flickr and at the watering hole are on about.

What a dilemma this has created for the marketer's. Not really, it actually make their life easier in that now instead of promoting to a regional audience like North America for Thanks giving, which there are two separate day a month apart, they can now promote to the world as BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY.

Oh what fun it is to ride ......

a marketing campaign this way!

ho Ho HO!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Holiday gift for the gamers

RazerStore Free Shipping
The Holiday season is just around the corner
 and Razer would like to reward you with an early Christmas gift. Starting November 12, 2013.

Hey Gamers!

You have seen the highly stylish game gear at you local big box stores and you know that all the players wiping you online all use Razer. On Facebook and Google+ all the bloggers are telling you that without the Razer gear all you have is ingame fear!

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