Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas 2014 update Google ADS

By far the most interest I get on this blog is for my opinions on using the two GIANTS for affilicate marketing, Fakebook & Goongle. I mean Fackbuk & Joojle ... you know who I mean!

This past years they have done more changes to their systems that not only made it harder to get your ads seen, but GUUGLE even extended their undesirable behaviors to YouTube.

The next time your over there at YewTub notice how they have increased the ads before you can watch the content, added a mandatory ad that you can not skip in a few seconds. Added a second ad, and how many time have you been presented with an ad in the MIDDLE of you video?

I have been noticing more people's comments on video's calling for YT to back off these practices.


The other common call is for a NEW service to replace YuTab and bring us back to a more open place like we remember. I being one of those online marketing types have mixed emotion about this. I like to promote products and I like the original TubeYou, what a pinch!

Survey Says! It is now time for you to be counted. Select this button if you are happy with what big G is doing.

Select this button if you want then to BACK OFF!

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