Thursday, 24 July 2014

an original thought or is it?

I like to listen to Bob Proctor's recording and one in particular came into my mind on the drive home from work today. I believe the topic was thinking and the thought I had was provoked by mind mind chatter. Was I actually having an original though, or was I just replaying a something I had heard or read before?

How can you be sure that the thought has never be thought before?

All the people in the world, from as far back as we humans came into being and no one had that thought, seem like that is improbably. Maybe the same thought with different emphasis or colouring or details more in line with the era.

Like the phrase to build a better mouse trap. It is still in the end a mouse trap, with some new appeal. End result it is a way to catch mice. Or am I being to hard on this, by changing the mechanism, is that enough of a difference to claim originality, I am not certain.

Tell me what you think ...


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