Saturday, 9 August 2014

Facebook and other social media sites are for ...

Not really the best place for many people. If you think about how you use FB or whatever you social media preference is you may find that you do not have as much personal content as you do like or links to other peoples content. This is a reason many blogger stop blogging as they just cannot come up with NEW content.

While you look over my blogs you will see that I am not one of those daily bloggers and in fact I am very sporadic, and to me that is just fine. I mostly got into blogging to practise dumping my brain out whenever I felt a need. I also like to spread the word to promote things I thing are good.

A few months back a person in a group I follow on Linked In reached out to find people to help with a project. The idea interested me and I wanted to know more so became a project manager. We have evolved the idea into a product now and are in the beta testing state. The product fill the need many of us have to publish some web content, whether it be an idea we want to engage others with, promote a club or a product or simply to share our knowledge on a specific topic like terriers.

We have developed a web delivery method that takes your simple idea in a text file and with up to five key words from that you can have yourself a website with videos, music and more; automatically generated with this dynamic type of content. I'm sure even if you have not spent anytime trying to figure out how all the web marketing works you can still see how this will provide you a site that is always relevant.

Please come and try it out while we are in BETA test mode.

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