Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Prime your mind, and Knock the frustration out of goal achievement!

 Super Charger 1

Take 25 minutes a day
for six days
to achieve your biggest and
best goal for 2016
F R E E !
Dear friend
"Knock the frustration out of goal achievement," we say, "by priming your super-power nonconscious mind during the last six days of this year."
There is nothing to study.
No homework. No exercises. All you have to do is sit back, close your eyes, and push play..
Whether you want to lose weight, improve your finances, exercise more, or achieve your biggest and best goal, the New Year Supercharger gets your brain working for you. It powers your motivation. It sets you up for the success you want and deserve.
Join the New Year Supercharger – it is completely FREE and glide into 2016 primed for success.
While most people will fail at their biggest and best goal (heck, most people won't even set the goal in the first place!), it is the people like you, who will use all of the tools at their disposal, who achieve, achieve, and achieve.
It is your turn. The New Year Supercharger is easy and fun. (You just need to dive in. The water's fine!)
2) Each day from December 26 through December 31 come to a special webpage.
3) Listen to a specially selected Paraliminal program to prime your mind and supercharge your goal.
4) Enjoy achieving your goal!
(If you don't know what a Paraliminal is, show up with headphones and be ready to direct your nonconscious mind in ways that will propel you to the success you want in 2016.)
Here are the advantages you will get:
You Deserve It
You spend your life giving, giving, giving, and today you open to receive life's abundant gifts.
Today you own your past, release it, and free your power to create your new year.
Today you replace fear and trepidation with self-confidence and strength.
Today is your exhale as you prepare for a phenomenally positive new year.
Peak Performance
When you love the results of achieving your goal, you will not quit two weeks into the year. You will carry through to full achievement.
Today the Peak Performance Paraliminal will help you think the thoughts and feel the emotions that spark your inner drive and find joy in your work.
It will fire up your motivation from deep within to help you get better at anything you choose, creating the most powerful ways possible to the attain results you want by achieving your biggest goal.
Bad Habits will Fall
You will use Day 3 to clean up habits and behaviors keeping you from your goal.
As you listen the Break the Habit Paraliminal, you will:
• Enjoy increased personal power, calm, and serenity, which you need to effortlessly achieve your goal.
• Establish crystal clear, deep-driving intention.
• Gain absolute faith in your ability to live your possibilities.
• Change core beliefs to instill positive choices.
• Eliminate nagging frustration, guilt, and shame.
• Live in accordance with your highest spiritual values.
• Maintain positive thoughts and behaviors when you confront situations that used to trigger self-defeating behaviors.
Power Thinking
You are brighter than you think. You have powers of mind greater than you typically imagine. These include the powers of perception, memory, focus, intuition, imagination, emotion, and reason.
Today you will open yourself to limitless possibilities and unlimited abundance by simply listening to the Power Thinking Paraliminal.
The daily sequence you experience during the New Year Supercharger is designed to do just that. Show up each day to supercharge your new year.
Endless Success
You have to be passionate about your goal. Without passion, you’ll struggle through the year and your gains will not likely hold in years to come.
When you align your thoughts and actions with your passion, you create a life that matters. Everything changes. You become energized by your goal. You stay focused even when challenged.
And that’s your gift from today’s the Success Built to Last Paraliminal.
Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
Hey, it’s New Year’s Eve! Have fun! Today you will turn on personal magnetism for poise, charm, and sex appeal.

The New Year Supercharger gets you what it takes
to achieve your biggest and
best goal for 2016.
When you show up.
Take about a half an hour each day during the New Year Supercharger to prime your mind for achieving your biggest and best goal for 2016. We've done everything we can to set you up for success, and now it is your turn…
There is no cost or obligation.
Cheers to the New Year!
P.S. – The Paraliminals were created by Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies. They are the most amazing personal growth tools that I've ever come across. Paul designed them to stimulate and direct your nonconscious mind – your subconscious mind. They are so easy to use. Just put on headphones and push play, and you'll be gently guided from there. Each day during the New Year Supercharger you have free access to one of the Paraliminals specifically selected to help you achieve your biggest and best goal for 2016. Take advantage of this opportunity. Use the Paraliminals. I will be right along with you.

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