Monday, 28 March 2016

FREE Personal Development Audio Book. The Masters Sacred Knowledge.

Eat food that is low in Acid,

Fruit nuts and local vegetables, stay away from preserved foods.

Keep hydrated.

(At the 43 minute mark.)

It is a very enjoyable journey this audio book takes one on. With such knowledge it is clear that the rope should be placed at the feet and not the neck and the power of knowing this is sometimes missed by people.

It may take several visits to the story to hear all that there is but that is the way humans tend to learn best anyway. As Bob Proctor likes to emphases it is no that you find something new in the text when you read a book for the second time, it is something new within you that you found.

I have become aware of how judgemental I have been in living my life. The simple test is driving. It is very easy for me to find something happening around me that I can offer criticism, but that I am learning is  reacting to the outer life a place I have little power over. I am now aware on the inner life in which I have total control over, should I want it.

In here I can design the life and live it. In the traffic example all I have to do is shift my focus of those events happening around me and instead of making a comment on the outer acts, praise myself on seeing and making response that allow my safe travel to my destination.

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