Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Crowd Funding Offer Ends Friday Midnight

Do you want the option to turn $50,000 into $3 million? Turn $5000 into $130,000? Turn $100 into $2000?
Visionaries, Internet Geniuses, and Network Wizards will be hosting the next webinars this week 3 times a day where you will understand what the Brexit effect, the Trump effect represent in the economies of 2017 and how you could make a modest investment today and become a multi-millionaire next year.
As we only have 3 days left to take advantage of the MCC crowd funding here are the points to consider:
    MCC is a blockchain just like Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.
    MCC is delivery an advanced blockchain that eliminates the “latency” issue
    MCC is delivering an EWallet that includes all financial options, Paypal, VISA, all other cryptocoins and more.
    MCC will be the merchant account solution for the advanced crypto coin
    MCC’s wallets are integrated into the blockchain minning, pay out to EWallets micro payments
    MCC’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is at .10 per token and will go live Jan 08 at $1 per coin
    MCC’s crowd funding offering ends Dec 31, 2016"
    MCC will be investing $5 million into Markethive in January
    A $50,000 investment into MCC’s 3 million .10 per token offer will likely yield a huge return at the ICO launch at $1 per coin January 8, 2017
And there are smaller crowd funding options. And there are alternative funding options.

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